Friday, May 16, 2008

Leaf Walk!

Yesterday I took my "Skirt" and "New" Shoes for a walk in the leaves! The skirt is made out of ties, like the dress here. I collected a number of brownish ties, unpicked them, opened them out and then joined them together!
The shoes were white - and I wanted them brown, so I spray painted them. I've done it before and as long as I keep the spray can handy for touch ups every now and then, it works well!


Jesse said...

Wow, that skirt is lovely! And I'm impressed with the spraypainted shoes.

Estelle said...

What a lovely perspective!

I am totally amazed that you took something that was white, and changed its colour (-:

Freshly Found said...


Yes Estelle - it's funny - , I love to live in and around white, but I don't ever wear it!

HB said...

What beautiful a beautiful mix of colour and texture.

Bronwyn said...

You are so resourceful, who would have thought that ties could look so good:)