Friday, June 20, 2008

Connections - Chairs

I was browsing through Alkemie the other day, when I came across this picture taken from a House and Garden magazine in the 50s. It rang a bell and sent me dashing to my linen cupboard to find a cushion cover I had made from a vintage scarf. It was in fact an almost identical print! How amazing. I would love to know more of the story behind this pic!

Pop over to Alkemie for lots more inspiration - like this Incredible Glass-encased Credenza by Boca Do Lobo featured recently!


Belinda said...

Your beautiful site has inspired me to take up my "tools" and become a "blogger" - I started 2 days ago and can confirm that I am now a "blog addict" - I have added you onto my site as a favourite cause truly you - your site is ruthlessly addictive and I don't miss a day without having a peep to see what you have "come up with" - well done - (my new addition "blog" site can be found at : - hope you still have time for coffee - I miss our times of getting together as a group of ladies on a Thursday for a good old chinwag - lots of love - Belinda D.

Estelle said...

Now that I've seen the photo, the scarf is even more amazing - love how the colours were adapted.

Heather Moore said...

You've got a good eye! What a great and serendipitous thing.
Enjoy your weekend.

Anairam said...

I happened (and a happy happenstance that was!) upon your blog via Abbey goes Design hunting via A Cup of Jo and I love it. It is already on my Blog List over at
BTW, are your cushions available in Cape Town?

Diane said...

I love your blog -- please check out mine and if it is ok with you lets link.