Monday, June 09, 2008

Touched by Lichens

I was tickled to see what dropped in on my washing line the other day: This beautiful lichen on a twig was just hanging there! Having just read Sakurasnow's post on lichens, I went on a lichen search in my garden:.
I love the way Lichen colourfully softens the concrete in my garden:
I would like to try dyeing fabric with lichen, but it seems such a pity to disturb this prettiness!

Team Fodder from the UK have designed organic tin tiles, which are made to encourage the growth of moss and lichens. [via Designboom.]
I would like to see them when they are "fully grown"
[PS - Fortunately my computer has made a speedy and inexpensive recovery. Whew!]


Estelle said...

Welcome back. Seems like you had good service - yay!

I love lichen. I have some growing on one tree, and it makes me feel so happy that nature is doing what it does in my garden - symbiosis, fresh air, life!

Krissy said...

gorgeous photos! glad your computer is back up and running :)

diana @ please sir said...

So neat - love the tiles too!

Lynne said...

gorgeous pics

janine de waal said...

I love the tiles - that is so cool!