Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More about Coffee and Recycling

Yesterday I showed you how I re-used some of my illy coffee cans. Well, illy are involved in re-cycling much bigger cans! This illy Push Button House, designed by Adam Kalkin is a fully functional and sustainable home built within an industrial shipping container. [via the Alternative Consumer] These Flickr pics show some creative uses of South African containers:by Dick uit Zandvoort and Sergio Espana


Estelle said...

Ah, I just LOVE that. It is amazing how creative people can be.
Makes me think of some of the inserts on "Let's Fix It" on e-tv (SA) - so many people being helped by others being involved and doing creative things.

kat said...

I love this illy "pop up store" concept - more brands should be doing things like this!