Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How to Silver Gild an Old Picture Frame

With our newly laid cement finish floor, we have had add some modern touches to our home. We are painting the walls a warm grey [Plascon - Evasive White] Our pastel art work was framed in a gold frame which looked a little too bright and dated. This is how I transformed it onto a trendier silver: I removed the frame from the picture and cleaned it with a damp cloth.

I bought Baroque Art Gilders Paste in Silver from my local paint shop. They have a very informative websight, which was a great help to me!

I dabbed a dry brush in the paste and worked it onto the frameYou can use your finger or a soft cloth, but I found the brush worked best for me, getting into all the corners.I finished 1 side of the frame at a time before moving onto the next.When the frame was complete, I waited about 12 hours before buffing it up with a soft cloth to make it a little shinier.

I am so pleased with the result! The Mirror in the entrance hall is about to have it's frame transformed too!


Jesse said...

That looks great! It's amazing how it brings out different parts of the picture.

Estelle said...

Wow, amazing what a difference the silver makes.

Your patience astounds me!!!

Estelle said...

By the way. I was in Melville yesterday and walked past some 2nd hand shops. I saw an unusual bird cage - quite high - and thought of you.
I thought it might be a nice addition to your collection, until I realised that it was not
R 35.00, but R 3500.

{this is glamorous} said...

Love the way this turned out -- looks fantastic, and will definitely work well with the gray wall.

pop display said...

That really looks very fantastic, it's amazing. What can i say Looking awesome. Good Job.....
Thanks for your valuable efforts....

Keep up the fantastic work!

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