Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I have a soft spot for quirky ideas! There were plenty of them when we visited the Biscuit Mill in Cape Town and enjoyed the Neighbourgoods Market. Besides delicious food and great design - there were some things we just had to record...
This Sunbeam mixer - past it's baking prime - made a very happy home for this pot plant! This was used to decorate the long tables in the hall, which are made up of old doors placed on trestles. The space above the tables was decorated with mobile vintage bird cages and wrought iron chairs:Iced tea - available in refundable jam jars! This plant stand caught my eye with succulents potted in vintage enamelware and tins. And the wind chimes made from old tin lids were quite delightful!


Estelle said...

The mixer is just quaint! And bird cages specially for you.
So glad the jam jars are glass and not metal (-:
Love the chimes.
I must make a point of getting there sometime!!

Estelle said...

The wind chimes have been bothering me all day! How does one make this, without it looking as if you ran out of money. It looks so great, but in some contexts it might seem hillbilly (not sure if that is the right word).
Maybe I should try it and wait for comments and facial expressions (-:

kendalee said...

Love all this quirkiness!