Thursday, September 10, 2009

For People Who Go to the Pictures!

More packaging! These packs are made from white grease proof paper and pictures from a vintage Picture Show Annual [For people who go to the Pictures!] I don't always find it easy to take these books apart - but this annual was already falling apart when I found it - which made it easier. I have had such pleasure working these gorgeous signed portraits! They are magnificent. They will be used to wrap the medium sized products in my shop at first. When they run out - I have some other pics lined up! I have some crocheted cords and also some lovely black video tape for tying the parcels up!


Estelle said...

That is so beautitul, and has such a nostalgic feel to it!
Your continued creativity sometimes exhausts me!!! Who else would think of using old video tape??
Now what about old audio tapes? I recently saw an insert where someone used the plastic audio boxes to neatly pack things (like cell cables) in.

Down Pillow said...

That's a great idea - so smart & creative :)

Estelle said...

Ok, so your continued creativity can't actually exhaust me. Perhaps it is my thinking about how busy you are, that exhausts me.
Nonetheless, you are incredible!

Leslie said...

What a great touch when someone makes a purchase. And what a very creative idea! I'm really wanting to know more about your store. Will you have an actual storefront somewhere near Durban? Or will it be of the online variety only?

Monika said...

I simply adore your recycling ideas!!