Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gorgeous Graphics

There are a couple of products I have in my home because they are useful - but mostly because I love the way they look.

Price's Candles are an essential in my kitchen.  Ready on hand in case of occasional power outage or dinner party! The graphics are so delightfully simple - appealing because I feel like I could maybe[?!] design something like this myself. Don't you love the warnings on the back of the candle packet?

 Tomorrow - another favourite household design - with some interesting stories!


dinkum design said...

Good basic design, you cant beat it! Crisp fresh and to the point. Love It! looking forward to seeing tomorrows household design.

Estelle said...

That's so interesting. I bought a pack of those yesterday - because 8 were cheaper than the counterpart pack of 6 fluted ones!
I'm going to look at the packaging with new eyes (-:

Monika said...

Simple but effective design. It is really good if not only a product is good, but the design is appealing, too.

Leslie said...

Simple and classic! I've not seen these in the states, not sure if they are available. But they are certainly handy and smartly designed.

Thanks for sharing Denise!

down comforter said...

Funny warning graphics :)