Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back from the Beautiful Berg!

The new year is well and truly under way! We had a wonderful break in the Drakensberg.  We did some fairly serious hiking.
I so enjoyed taking my camera along and capturing the mountains, and other interesting views.  This rustic stile caught my attention. I wasn't too sure if stile was the right spelling for it - but the Oxford Dictionary confirmed -an arrangement of steps set into a fence or wall that allows people to climb over.

I had some mountain stream time to play with the shutter speed on my camera, capturing the water drops falling

 or blurring them into a white mist! 


Jesse said...

Oh, it looks wonderful! Glad you had a good time!

Estelle said...

Seems like you were there boots and all, and in style!
I love the water pics ... mountains and water are so amazing.
I'm looking forward to a pic-filled year with you (-:

Miss Molly said...

lovely pics!! you really are a great photographer!