Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can cap!

The FIFA World Cup Soccer is big news.  Our whole country is gearing up to this huge event.  Even school holidays have been lengthened so that transport systems are freed up to cater for supporters.

We are becoming quite patriotic and doing our bit too - we bought this recycled Coke can cap from a stall at the I Heart Market in Durban! [The I Heart Market opens again on the 6th Feb with a circus theme this time round!]

I love the ingenuity.  Trash made into a treasure!


flowerpress said...

I'm so looking forward to seeing more of South Africa when the soccer is on, we have starting seeing ads of the landscapes, wow!

Estelle said...

Oh that is so gorgeous.
I love the creativity of our people, especially by those who would be branded as being "illiterate" on a standard IQ test.

I need to get my act together - I want a soccer shirt with our flag, but haven't quite found what I am looking for yet.

dinkum design said...

It smacks of Africanisum. Love it

kendalee said...

Noone does "trash to treasure" quite as ingeniously as I've seen it done in South Africa! Love this :)

Unknown said...

south african ingenuity. brilliant!