Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter is a celebration of a very significant event for myself and my family and many others too. 
It's been a busy Easter weekend so far, but I thought I would pop into my garden and take a pic of this gorgeous Dutch Iris.
You can see the beginning of the Autumn Leaf fall in the background!  The weather has been so hot, it's hard to believe that Autumn is near!
The I Heart Market went so well yesterday.  It was a special experience meeting the other stall holders and customers and getting some orders and making sales, etc!
[The view from our table!]
Special thanks to the inspirational Lisa and Jo, who were such welcoming company at the store next door to mine! Read a lovely account of the morning at Lauren's Glossary!
Have a wonderful Easter


Estelle said...

I thought of you the whole of yesterday - I am so glad it went well, and that you enjoyed it.
Glossary's pic of your table is gorgeous.

The iris looks so pure and unspoilt - what a lovely symbol of peace and love at this Easter.
Blessed Easter to you all x x

coelho said...

so glad you enjoyed market, was great to have you "next door" to us! watch my blog for a post too x

feather bed said...

Happy Easter to you too!!!!!

dinkum design said...

so sorry I missed the market. I would love to have met you. Next time fro sure! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter.

kendalee said...

Glad the market went well and hope you have enjoyed a perfect Easter celebration Denise!

Those crochet covered bowls below are so lovely... I see crocheted covers for all sorts of household glasswear. If only I could crochet!

Unknown said...

I love your photos and how they radiate so much lust for life :)

Monika said...

I am so glad you had great fun at the market! I hope you had a lovely Easter!

casey said...

It was lovely to meet you too Denise! I love my paper flower. Saving for twenty. Will DM you on twitter with my phone no so I can organize to get those Lantern magazines to you. So stoked that I found a wonderful home for them!