Thursday, October 07, 2010


 There's a whole lot of orange going on around here...

From my brother's vintage matchbox trucks, recently cleaned out from my mom's house move, to the beautiful indigenous clivias just coming to an end in our garden and all sorts of other stuff too.  Just love the orange ricrac I bought at the Waste Centre last week to decorate the paper weave bracelets in time for the market, the delicious naartjies from Woolies, my sewing scissors, marked with lace on the handle so they don't get used for anything else, and the Palm frond too.  But mostly I made up this collection because of this trip:
I went to Pietermaritzburg earlier this week to stock up on more Vintage books for a new order.  I just could not resist this gorgeous Afrikaans Orange set of books, called Die Vrou!  It's full of good Afrikaans Household advice like this:
Literally translated means "I did just decide to alone work..." so talks the voice of yesterday with the tired body of today!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Orange is such a happy color, I love seeing it anytime.

Miss Molly said...

what a beaut pic! your blog makes me so happy every time i visit! thanks for keeping me inspired always!


Estelle said...

You are just amazing - I think I'm starting to actually like orange!!!
Your pic is beautifully arranged.
"Die Vrou" looks like a really good read for some smiles.

P.S. Henny is on leave so she has taken some time to page through your blog and she is just fascinated by what you do. Commented that DH must be really special to cope with contant change in the house (-;

Creative Polyglot said...

Lovely. Just wanted to tell that Creativecotton becomes Creativepolyglot. :)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Orange is one of my favourite colours. Great combination of goodies.
Regards Odete