Friday, November 19, 2010

Interpret Durban

I am passionate about my home city Durban, and fascinated with the creative talent that we have here too.   
So last night was a very good evening to experience both.  Streetscene Alternative Tours hosted an Interpret Durban T-shirt Competition at the Colomba Coffee Factory in Durban.

I so enjoyed all the clever ways people found to interpret our city.  Inspiration came from:  our recent street name changes, bunny chow [local delicacy], the sun, the sea, our local telephone code and alien bird population in the form of Indian Mynahs! 
See Lauren's take on the evening and the gorgeous judges' and winners' rosettes by Nadia too!  Not sure who the winners are, but
if I had been a judge - the design at the top of this post could well have got my vote.


Estelle said...

What a fun evening - creativity at a coffee place!
I think the top design is SO clever!!

Lauren Setterberg said...

I think the Mynah Attraction design was the winner! Sorry I missed you sweet. Thanks for linking to Gloss x

Luke Comins said...

Entered a few design myself. Some stiff competition!
The winner was