Thursday, November 25, 2010

Working towards a Green Christmas

A Freshly Found update - I am so happy with my beautiful now-white chest of drawers that came back inside today.  
A recent vintage-colourful-striped-jersey find has been repurposed into 8 happy Christmas Stockings! 

A previously-loved cricket pullover has been made into some textured, cabled Christmas hearts
And I have been crocheting flowers to decorate red and white dishcloth linen hearts too.  The yarn is South African, hand-dyed and an absolute pleasure to work with.
Right in the middle of all this Christmas rush, we are going away for a few days to the Drakensberg.  I will be taking my crochet with, and hope to get quite a bit done in time for the next i♥market!


Estelle said...

Ag nee man, Denise, you just don't stop!
Those stockings are precious, and I just ♥ the dishtowel ♥s.
You just amaze me.

Genevieve said...

Simply beautiful!

tjou-tjou said...

} oo ja, denise i love the dishcloth-hearts.

Anonymous said...

I love your stripey stockings - wonderfully festive!
Unrelated to this post... but I saw this fun use of old LPs and naturally thought of you :)
Have a great time in the Drakensberg!

Domestic Icing said...

Love the stockings! so pretty and bright!

Miss Molly said...

oh wow.. these are really getting me in the Christmas spirit! such beautiful work! have said it before but will say it again.. you are one talented lady!


Lauren Setterberg said...

Oooh, enjoy the berg!

Jess said...

These are simply delightful!!