Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a good Christmas - and I want to wish you a very happy, productive and fulfilling New Year! I have a huge garden, but not many colourful flowers at the moment.  So I decided to go with the green and decorate my dining table for the New Year with what I could find: 
It's been good to have some days at home with not much to do, but enjoy my Christmas Gifts, catch up and tidy up. I am loving these pegs from Sprigs and this beautiful pottery jug from a stall at the i♥market [Can't remember the name] 
I've had some time to tidy my studio and was surprised to see how many 'mending kits' I had thrown into my drawers!
And I am enjoying this colour coded view of the bottom drawer of my desk:
Probably won't stay like this for very long - but it's beautiful now! 


Estelle said...

And a very happy and productive year to you too!
The white and green is very soothing. (Yesterday I wore a green T-shirt for new-ness and growth in this year.)

The colours are gorgeous. I have one very special mending kit dating back to ... 1977ish! (-;

Domestic Icing said...

So pretty! I think you've inspired me to get some late winter chives started inside to add a touch of spring to my living room! And I have just the milk glass pot to hold them! Thanks for the New Year's inspiration!

Unknown said...

So crisp and inviting !
thanks for the kind words Denise,
We have settled nicely into our new home.Tomorrow I will be tackling my sewing room, the last to be sorted.think I will take a before and after:}xxx

coelho said...

now i feel like spring cleaning....happy 2011 x

MAYRI said...

Happy new year...

Jesse said...

Absolutely love the photo of the mending kits!

flowerpress said...

I love the pattern the mending kit makes, would make a nice fabric!
Happy New Year Denise!!
p.s. Just saw Jesse's comment, great minds think alike :-)

Mandarine D'Italie said...

I think the green arrangement is just perfect and your pictures are stunning, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year to you and all your family and wanting to know you are inspirational as always, although I don't always leave a comment. Many wishes, love Caterina