Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some More Family Loveliness!

I don't think my daughter will mind if I share some more corners from their beautiful home.
See how Gen Motley's Bird Cage Cutout fits so well into this eclectic collection
This gorgeous lampshade is a real focal point.
 You can tell she's an avid i♥market shopper.


Estelle said...

Wow. Incredible. Nothing ordinary. Nothing plain. Lovely combinations.
It surely runs in the veins!

Anairam said...

The pops of colour are very energising! Oh, that market, that market - I so desire for it to come to CT. What about a travelling market? Like a circus? I think that is a briliant idea!

Unknown said...

Wow love the lampshade,just makes you happy looking at it:!