Monday, June 27, 2011

Hey Renee!

My friend Renee called me the other day, saying she'd come across a tapestry that she thought I would like - and should she get it for me? 
So glad she did! The tapestry version of De Vrolijke Drinker by Frans Hals was deframed and stitched together with a brick patchwork of matching linens and is now comfortably placed on a feather cushion inner! 
I think he looks much happier there that he would on a wall behind glass!
Thanks Renee.  I like him a lot!


Estelle said...

Oh, I'm also sure he'll be glad to be part of the conversation in a cosy chair / couch. He's looking good!

Unknown said...

Wonderfull,love seeing an old tapestry revived:}Denise ,I see your Followers area is also blank?