Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beautiful Bracelets

The lovely talented Clemence K from Vynn's Raveleings gave me one of these solid crochet bracelets. [Seen here with Fresh Spring Magnolias from my garden]
She is a crochet artiste and spends 1 morning a week training the ladies at Embocraft to crochet. She is overseeing the production of these delightful bracelets for Freshly Found.
Thanks Clem. It's you are a star and it's been such a treat working with you and your ladies. See Clem's own shop and visit her blog. And see the bracelets at the Freshly Found stand at the i♥market, The Caboodle or in The Freshly Found Online Store!


Estelle said...

Wow, those are incredibly beautiful. Embocraft sounds amazing - I'm so glad they are being upskilled so beautifully!

nancy john said...

Mostly women like Beautiful Bracelets as an interesting jewellry.