Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Book Decor

I have loads of vintage books, because of the work I do with them.  I have not been able to use these vintage Reader's Digest books though, because of their beautiful patterned covers.  
So I have laid them out flat on top of a waist height cupboard in my living room.  They have become the temporary new countertop. These volumes are around 50 years old.
Some newer versions formed an impromptu pre-Christmas display on my table last night when we had guests round for dinner.  
I thought I would make use of the gorgeous red and the sparkly gold trim, which went well with the flickering candle light!


teresaS said...

I would find it impossible to tear into these lovelies! I enjoy using vintage books and book pages for projects, but these would be off limits! They are so beautiful and I like your display idea!

Estelle said...

Very pretty and, yet again, creative. You are a Deelight!