Friday, March 08, 2013

Design Indaba Wrap Up

What an incredible experience - our first Design Indaba Expo
Pictured above:
  • the badges we wore to gain access to the halls, 
  • the buyer's guide - full of amazingly talented people, many from KZN [Wonderful to have talented Genevieve Motley as our neighbour]  
  • roses - part of a much appreciated welcome home bunch from my husband.  [He's not used to being the one who stays at home] 
Here are some iPhone shots taken by Christy - from set-up to break-down.  You may notice that we changed our stand layout after the first day.
Christy Kiggan and I had an amazing time.  Thank you to:
  • friends and family for your amazing support and enthusiasm.   
  • customers who appreciated and enjoyed our product
  • fellow exhibitors who we got to know and learnt so much from.


Heloise said...

Hi Denise - loved seeing you and your beautiful, plus big smile at the Indaba. Here is a link to a post & some pics of my lovely proteas :)

Denise Kiggan said...

It was wonderful to see you there too! Thanks for popping by, shopping and posting such a lovely blog post♥