Thursday, February 13, 2014

How to Have a Heart...

I have a love-hate relationship with the heart symbol.  Sometimes I feel it is so common, so predictable, so twee.  
At other times I am refreshed by it's pleasantenss - the gentle rounded top with the exciting angle base, put together with comforting symmetry.  
I love the diagrams on "Drawing a Heart Accurately" from my vintage 1978 Golden Hands Encyclopaedia of Crafts.  With the help of a compass, string, ruler pencil, and a mathematical brain - you can create your own heart shape from scratch!

That is waaay toooo technical for me!  
This is how I create heart shape patterns:
I fold a piece of paper in half and draw 1 lobe of the heart on the fold. I cut it out and unfold it. If I want more identical hearts, I place the folded original over folded paper and use it as a pattern.  
I have cut so many of these little shapes, that I do it freehand now.  Always start at the top centre of the heart, get a nice circular cut going and finish off at the bottom point.
Then unfold - and enjoy.  
These hearts were cut from an envelope (Thank you Truworths for sending my paperwork in such a pretty way) and some vintage book dust covers.