Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Safety Pin Jewellery – Earrings

Safety pins possess good qualities as material for jewellery, being shiny, delicate and easy to come by.  In my endeavours to live a more artisan lifestyle, I gathered some beads and bits and pieces to make myself a few pairs of earrings.  (I have just about no jewellery making experience) The glint of the pins in my craft supplies caught my eye and I decided to see what I could do.  Twisting, curling and bending these wiry gadgets became quite addictive and I made a number of pairs.  I threaded beads onto some and used the fox-nose and flat-nose pliers to manipulate the wire.  I was delighted with the result and the cost was next to nothing!

Here is a step-by step pictogram outlining how I worked with the safety pins.  I used the flat nose pliers for bending corners and the round nose pliers for coiling circles:
And here are some of the variations I made:

Safety Pin Jewellery – Earrings

Did You Know?

I am fairly good at spelling, but I battle to remember just how to spell…


jewelery …..

I am, hoping this is going to help me to remember –
According to Oxforddictionaries.comThe different spellings of jewellery in British and American English can cause confusion. The British spelling jewellery adds -lery to jewel, while the American spelling jewelry adds -ry.”

In South Africa, the British way of spelling jewellery seems to be the favourite!

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