Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Paper and Sari Decor for a Baby Shower

It was so much fun to host a baby shower for my daughter a few months ago.  Together, her sister and I put together a special day, with the help of some family andfirends.   We made  sari bunting, tissue paper wall flowers, paper pin-wheels and photo-props.  A great time was had by all!
We worked hard to make it a beautiful surprise with yummy eats and a few sweet games to play.

A baby shower is given, to shower the expectant mom with gifts.  In some cultures it is given after the baby has arrived.  Apparently it is a South African idiosyncrasy to call the celebration a Stork Party.  This is in line with the fable told by parents to their young children about the origins of their new baby brother or sister. 

The Sari Bunting was made from locally sourced vintage saris.  The bright fabric was cut into strips, which were then stitched into tubes and knotted onto string. Their vibrant moving colours added a festive air.
The Paper Pin-wheels were made from carboard squares.  These were pinned onto wooden skewers using decorative upholstery studs.  We added small beads to acts as washers – to ensure the pinwheels went round! (Large skewers were sourced from PNA)
The Paper Flowers were so much fun to make.  We used tissue paper and cupcake papers.  These were cut, folded, tied or scrunched to make a floral variety. Each bloom was mounted on a hairclip ‘stem’, which was covered with green floral tape.   The flowers were attached to the wall with washi tape
The Games were simple.  We wanted them to add a touch of fun without it being a long drawn-out afternoon.
Gestation Period Questionairre.  Each guest got a list of animals and they had to fill in the length of pregnancy of each animal.
Guess the Baby Food We had the mom-to-be guess the contenets of 5 different jars of baby food.  We removed the labels and numbered each bottle  From our experience, it seems that most vegies and fruit are best combined with pear
Guess the Nursery Rhyme turned out to be trickier that we thought  We read 1 line from a selection of nursery rhymes and asked the mom-to-be if she could name the rhyme.
Here are some of the ones she found tricky …..

  1. She shall have music wherever she goes
  2. Come again another day
  3. Wasn’t that a dainty dish
  4. They’ve all gone away
  5. When she was good, she was very very good
  6. And they all lived together in a crooked little house
  7. Indeed I have not any
  8. I’ve been to London to look at the Queen
How good are you at working these out?

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