Monday, October 29, 2007

I Like White!

I Like White - a lot! In fact I love white.

Many tired wooden items of furniture in my home have been given a white coat. I love the way the texture of the piece shows through!

I enjoy the combination of wood in my home, lightened by white!

It is fresh and gives a wonderful backdrop to other colours.


Estelle said...

I am very hesitant to paint wood, but you clearly do it properly. I was probably put off by people who use thick layers of oogy paint (-:

I LOVE the "depth" pic - amazing perspective.

dutchcomfort said...

I lóve white, if we didn’t have white we wouldn’t have colours. I bought a Japanese book about quilts and they are mostly white with some touches of colour. Wonderful! We have a lot of white in our house and some sorts of wood, like beach, american cherry and washed blanc oak.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your blog and have added you to my blogroll.

Sandy said...

Very cool photos! :)

shelbi said...

i love white too...your photographs are just perfect. i can only dream about white these days...too many sticky peanut butter toddler fingers to have white....

yes. white day. (a girl can dream can't she?)


Jesse said...

I love white-painted furniture too. Something to do with growing up surrounded by 'beautiful wood', I think. Unpainted wood actually creeps me out. My poor parents spent years lovingly stripping all their inherited furniture, only to have me paint everything again as soon as it landed in my house!

A layer of white really shows up the form of things.