Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Whitewashed Proteas!

White Tulips yesterday - White Proteas today! Except that yours truly was the 'artiste' this time!

Remember those rich red Proteas? After Christmas I placed them in a basket and allowed them to dry. This weekend we had guests coming for dinner - [always a good incentive to work through the decor 'to-do-list'] -
So I spray painted them white and placed them in vintage honey pots, securing them in place with gravel. Look at the picture tut below!
They provide a light and humorous contrast to the sometimes overwhelming stone wall in my living room!


Jesse said...

Brilliant! And the picture tut is great too - so concise.

Estelle said...

I cannot believe how much energy you have!

kat said...

I've been admiring your African tulip arrangements and now this! Wow. I'm inspired to break out the spray can : )

Heloise said...

Those are fab! Lucky guests

Bronwyn said...

Lovely! What a great idea:)