Monday, March 24, 2008

A Retro Celebration

I have just passed my 150th blog post!
About 150 posts ago, I said that I found orange a surprising colour! Well, I have some more orange-ness to share with you!

These cushion covers:
Are backed with a shweshwe type print!
This cushion cover:
Is made from a retro tapestry and orange satin-backed crepe!
They are in my etsy shop - along with some found "brand new" seventies cookware! In fact - put your sunglasses on and have a look at my whole new "Retro" Section in my etsy shop!


Anonymous said...

Happy 150 th! I don't think i'll ever tire of orange.. or reading your blog : )

dutchcomfort said...

150 posts, congratulations! I love the colour orange, our first TV was orange, our saucepans and curtains... typical seventies!

kari and kijsa said...

Happy 150! Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

hmmm... although your stuff is great Im not an orange fan ... I got rid of lots of orange flowery crockery that was handed down to me. In my garden I can throw in some orange because they get diluted out ... I prefer the white look much better, have you been to Osiers? Congrats on 150 posts ;)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hello!! Just found you on Kari & Kijsa's and thought we'd stop and say hi. What a charming blog! Congrats on #150 - that is exciting! By the way orange is one of my favorite colors. Not many people use it - so it's a great way to set yourself appart!
Karla & Karrie

Shelly Tutt said...

Congratulations on your 150th post! I love the Orange! Vibrant colors just seem to put you in the most wonderful mood. Your Blog is lovely. Hope we get to see at least another 150 more!

Kaija said...

Congrats! Yay!

I always thought that I didn't like orange, but now, all of a sudden it's one of the best colors. Lovely rusty orange together with dark brown... I still can't imagine wearing anything orange, but that's a whole another story :)

Be well!

Alexandra said...

Love that colour- and congrats on 150 posts!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I love that orange fabric!

Happy 150th post (and Happy belated Easter!)


Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks so much everyone for the congrats and for your comments on orange!
De Vliegende koe - I would love to have seen that orange TV set!

Anonymous said...

Hi Denise,

This is a tad too late, but congrats on your 150th post, and may you have plenty more to come! :)