Friday, September 26, 2008

Optomistic Art!

My daughter is busy finishing off her Final Art Piece for her Last Year at School! It is an Interactive Work of Art. Thanks to her I have learnt about this artform and come to recognise and enjoy it!

Something else I have enjoyed lately is the work of Jean Shin [via Caravan of Curiosities]. She prolifically creates beautiful works from cast off objects, giving them new life and showing off their beauty in a different way!
How many times have I thrown away a broken umbrella in frustration? Jean's work shows me I should have been collecting them instead!
I love the art of clothing hanging as decor objects! Jean deconstructed this clothing and left only the seams!

She used some of her own clothing to produce these Collograph Prints
Visit her sight and take and take a enlightening tour of her work!


Estelle said...

Oh my, SO much to learn. The umbrellas are awesome .. watch out family, Denise might soon be taking over the garden and washline too (-:
I love the garments that only have the seams showing!

Anonymous said...

love it too!!!
especially the umbrellas.

please sir said...

These are great examples - love it. I enjoy art like this so much.

please sir said...
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Julie said...

I love the giant pin wheels :)

Unknown said...

These are all fabulous. I love that first one. So fun and colorful!