Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pics of Pillows or are they Cushions?

Gemma Comas is a talented Interiors Photographer. I like the way she captures these cushions! They form part of her impressive portfolio.

Posting Cushion Covers on my etsy shop has got me thinking about whether I call them "Cushion Covers" or "Pillow Covers". To me a pillow is something you sleep on at night and a cushion is something you sleep on during the day [when you catnap on the couch!] I realise that it is an American thing to call 'cushions' - 'pillows' and that the rest of the world calls 'cushions' - 'cushions'! I found some help on the subject here!


Jesse said...

Hee hee! I've been doing similar research on tea towels and dishcloths; I hadn't heard of tea towels until a year ago, always called them dishcloths. But then ... what do you call the cloth used for actually washing the dishes? Here, it's always been a 'lappie' but that certainly isn't international :)

Dizzy said...

Just wanted to let you know I named you / your blog / your work amongst those that inspire me by passing on the “your cover’s blown” award to you! If you feel like passing it on, heres the post with the rules.
Keep well


Estelle said...

Well, you and Gemma seem to have the same knack at capturing gorgeous scenes with your cameras!
I think they are "cushions". Although, I also like the Wiki idea of calling them "throw cushions".
Isn't English a fascinating language? How does one exlain "a tea towel"? (-:
Congrats on yet another award. Nice to be friends with such an acclaimed blogger!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the very same thoughts recently. My pillow & cushion definitions are the same as yours but it was interesting to read the Wiki article - I wouldn't have thought to look for it if you hadn't provided the link. Thanks!