Monday, October 06, 2008

African Technology and Tradition!

I find these African fabrics so delightful!They formed part of an exhibition called Africa [Dot] Com: Drums 2 Digital , an exhibition in San Francisco at the Museum of African DiasporaIt highlighted the effect of modern technology on traditional African FabricsDeborah Stokes, Curator for Africa[dot] com said" The drum design might mean that the woman’s husband is a drummer or that she comes from a drumming family. When the women in Niger were asked why they wore the cellphone and computers they said that they wanted to show that they were modern citizens—they knew what was going on—a status symbol" Have a look here for some more pics from this exhibition

The reason I came across all of this, was that I was trying to find some practical application for this fabric which I found and made into a cushion cover. It is labelled "Ghana Electrity Company":
I sent it to Anairam along with the Prison fabric cushion cover, which she has made happily at home here:
Thanks for posting the pics on your blog! So glad you like them!


Estelle said...

Shew. Wow. Incredible.
I SO love being a South African! The continent is SO rich in culture.

Anonymous said...

So cool! Love the little cell phones!

Anonymous said...

The cell phone fabric is fantastic! I love the colours and the simplicity of the design.

kendalee said...

How wonderfully they combine - very, very cool!

And thanks for your comments on my creative space overhaul! I think you're right to recommend restraint when it comes to the orange... ;o)

Wendren said...

Great post. When I did a project years back I searched every where to find these fabrics... now I know that the museum in San Francisco scooped them all up. :)