Monday, November 17, 2008

Claire Regnard on the Corner

Coffee at the Corner Cafe in Glenwood, Durban is fun enough, but this time we had the added delight of being surrounded by Claire Regnard's works of art. Her lasercut metal work is very appealing and I am planning on taking my husband there soon to have a look!Visit Clare's web sight to see more about her shop Amoeba Lighting and Living and the work she does!

Just love the functional and elegant aspects of the Corner Cafe! Somehow the pile of serviettes being freshly ironed adds to the atmosphere! Have a look at their brand new web sight!


Estelle said...

The place looks lovely. So simple, yet full of atmosphere. I hope you get to do some fun coffees this week and that last week's troubles all get sorted!

Anairam said...

Love the laser cuts - I still think someone should do a book of fantastic and amazing SA coffee shops - I'm thinking of a wealth of lovely interiors, quirky ideas, great food shots, maybe a recipe or two!

kendalee said...

Gorgeous place and I love the art. Also really like anairam's idea - that's definitely a book I'd buy!