Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Retro Fluff - Only for the Brave!

In my wonderings around thrift shops, I came across a vintage latch hook wall hanging. I decided to take it home with me and resurrect it to new Retro Life as a pair of cushions. My family have threatened to leave home if I actually display my recycled handiwork! But I reckon that a brave sort of minimalistic, industrial home with a few retro touches could embrace them well!
The type of home that has a whole lot of stuff from Studio Stalinga - Like this quirky clamp chair and these lively containerswith a pair of recycled telephone salt cellars on the table!Perhaps you agree with my family on the cushions... but I am sure you will agree with me about the innovative Dutch creativity of Studio Stalinga


Shellbells said...

so love those salt shakers!!! another great find!!!

kat said...

Ditto - great salt shakers. Not sure about the cushions tho : )

Estelle said...

This is so funny! Not sure what exactly to say about the cushions, but I guess "retro" is a good word (-:
Fortunately we all have differing tastes, and trends change in time.
Love your commitment to your work and your bravery!!

Estelle said...

Hmm, just had to come back and see what others have said. Perhaps there are fewer brave people than we thought?

Anonymous said...

I love the retro cushions! You can send them over to my house any day.