Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Round and Round

We have lived in Durban for around 15 years now, and it has taken us this long to visit the Roma Revolving Restaurant. We had a few family milestones to celebrate - so we thought we would give it a try. I have never been to a revolving restaurant before. We really enjoyed ourselves. The secret was to arrive just before the sun set - that way we could see Durban in the cloudy fading light on our first revolution and then the night lights of Durban on the second!


Unknown said...

What an awesome place! I ate somewhere like this as a child in Disney World except it was windowless, so not nearly as cool!

Estelle said...

Gorgeous pics.
The revolving part makes me think of the place in Braamfontein - think it's closed now, though.
When I was watching "Going Nowhere Slowly" on TV the other day, I thought of you. You have the ability to see things in your own suburb and city as if you are a tourist - it gives such a different perspective.

kendalee said...

Ooh what fun! A changing scene withough having to move. I love that idea. I think that's why I like travelling on trains so much! :)