Monday, February 02, 2009

Selvedge Furoshiki

The first of my Selvedge magazine subscription arrived last week! Yay! [Remember this and this!]. I am a Furoshiki fan - so I was pleased to see a double page spread of inspiration!
What is really cool is that these instructions can be downloaded from Selvedge mag here.
I have a pile of vintage scarves which are about to be folded and knotted!


Estelle said...

I'm glad the magazine has arrived. Can't wait to see what un-FOLDS from this!

kat said...

Enjoy your new mag. Love Furoshiki - thanks for the link!

Heloise said...

What an inspiring post and great link - thanks

Anairam said...

Looks like a great mag - thanks for the link. I love Furoshiki - when I first lived on my own, I tied up all my cushions with scarves (but I didn't know I was doing furoshiki - I thought I was being clever!)

Di Overton said...

I subscribe to Selvedge and just wish they published every month. It is a stunning magazine.