Monday, March 09, 2009

Honey Tag

I was tagged by Concrete and Honey to answer some questions... I love the title of her blog and the gorgeous goodies she shows.
Before I answer the questions though, I wondered how many of you have heard of Concrete Honey? It is produced in a Paris suburb and is a Polyfloral honey as the pollen comes from the planters and pot plants in the city!
Read all about this amazing Miel Beton here!
Here are the answers I wrote down on Saturday...
What are you wearing now? Brown Linen Shorts, A pale yellow and brown striped shirt, a gold chain necklace and earrings. My shoes are not on my feet, but next to me under the desk!
What is the title of the best book you've ever read? Hidden Art by Edith Schaeffer
Who was the last person you hugged? My husband - or perhaps it was my daughter and son-in-law when we met them for breakfast today!
Which item from your closet are you wearing most lately? The Brown Shoes that are lying next to my feet now!
What's for dinner? Butternut soup and Pizza
What was the last thing you bought? The Butternut soup and dishwashing liquid!
What are you listening to right now? The sound of silence (and the whir of my computer).
What is one skill you would like to acquire or improve? I would like to improve my photographic skills - and I would like to be able to print my own fabric. It is a dream of mine - so far I have done some very basic work - but I hope to improve!
What is your favorite weather, and why? I love sunshine but not the intense mid-summer heat. I enjoy rain too - it is often a welcome relief to the heat!
What time do you usually get up? 4.50am on the mornings I go walking - otherwise around 6am
What is your most challenging goal right now? Getting the new version of my shop going. Balancing the mountain of work that has to go into it with the other important things in my life like being my husband's P.A. and book-keeper, being a daughter and a mother, housekeeper, cook, friend, course leader, etc.
Say something to the person who tagged you: I have quite a few things in common with you! We both live in the Southern Hemisphere, I also LOVE white and I would love to have a home in Paris!
If you could have a house-totally paid for, fully furnished-anywhere in the world, where you want it to be? I must agree with Concrete and Honey, where else but Paris?
Favorite vacation spot? Cape Town or London
Name the things you cannot live without: Relationships - with God, my husband, family and friends and the ability to be creative!
What movies can you watch over and over? None. I don't watch many movies - even once!
What is your favorite Coffee Brand? I drink a lot of well made Illy at home!
What are your daily rituals? After waking up or going for an early morning walk - I make coffee for my husband and myself. We sit in our family room and drink it together. We find out what is on each of our agendas for the day and other chit chat. A good time of connecting! [Here are the rules:
1: Respond & Rework - Answer the questions on your own blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
2: Tag-eight other un-tagged people.]
I am a shy tagger though, so if you are reading and would like to respond - please do!


Estelle said...

Urban honey - what a concept.
I loved reading your answers. Such insight into your days.
You met for breakfast on a Monday? Shew, that's amazing planning, I love it.

Estelle said...

Okay, so I was a bit ditzy - you said you wrote your replies on Saturday..
Hope you're having a good day balancing all your roles!

Denise Kiggan said...

No you weren't ditzy - I only added the Sat thing after I read your comment. Sorry I meant to tell you!

Estelle said...

Shew, at least there's one non-ditzy thing I did today. Ho ho ho.
Isn't this fun, chatting away and knowing things about each other's days?

Unknown said...

Oh how fun! It's always so nice getting to learn a little more about the bloggers we read everyday!

Oh an 540am! Holy cow. I admire you, greatly.

N I C O L A said...

Thanks for responding and sharing a little snippet of your day-to-day - am loving your blog x

Anonymous said...

I'm an Illy girl too :-) bit no movie? now that is strange.

I love the concept of beton honey.

kendalee said...

Interesting glimpse into you. Can't wait to see your new shop. All your hard work will be worth it, no doubt!

Interesting honey. I hadn't heard of it and I love the idea of urban honey being an urban dweller myself.

kat said...

Love the name of that honey! Couldn't agree more about the dream home destination. Paris (sigh).