Friday, May 08, 2009

More Apples in the House!

We've had a lot of fruit around the place lately! I found these delightful vintage apple dishes. I love the retro pattern!
And my designing daughter just got an Apple too! I am looking forward to lots of Creativity being generated from that delicious piece of fruit!


Estelle said...

Love the connection between apples and Apples.
I hope no-one in the house is allergic to apples (-:

Down Comforter said...

So cute - I love vintage dishware :)

kendalee said...

Mmm... yummy all 'round! That creative gene runs deep in your family I see. I love the jersey cushions below too - gorgeous colour and the buttons are the perfect accent!

Bee said...

Oh adorable!
Am liking your blog and vintage finds :-)

Dee said...

Hi there,
these are beautiful, what a find!