Thursday, April 15, 2010

Story of a Trunk

A while ago, I came across this gorgeous little vintage trunk at a charity shop, with a story all of it's own. I immediately fell in love with it.
When I got home, I found that the key, which was tied on to the handle, did not actually unlock the trunk! So it has just been laying around - looking rugged and pretty and tightly closed.
The next I♥Market is coming up soon and I thought all these brightly coloured Origami Record Cover Boxes would go well with our autumn theme, and they would look lovely stacked up in the vintage trunk.
 So I took the trunk to the locksmith today.  How is it possible to make a key for a trunk that does not open? I don't know - but amazingly he did!
And yes, I think the Origami Record Cover Boxes look very good in there.
The catch to the story is - the cost of the new key was greater than the cost of the trunk itself!  Oh well, it's twice as valuable to me now!


Unknown said...

Oh wow love the trunk. Would love shopping with you.All the very best with your market days. Best thing i ever did:)
hugs Sue

Estelle said...

Oh that is such a cute story!
The trunk is gorgeous with your boxes.

Unknown said...

Ha, this is a story that can only be written by life itself :)
The trunk and the origami boxes are wonderful! I wish I could visit you at the market.

Ida said...

another great idea? the record covers make excellent boxes.

dinkum design said...

I love all the colours. They look so good in the black trunk. I really must try make the next market.

Miss Molly said...

what a lovely display! xoxo