Monday, October 31, 2011

Irish Roses

A fairly new Freshly Found product - These giant Irish Rose String Brooches are available at The Caboodle, soon online and at The i♥market. 
Pictured here plonked on a bright yellow vintage dress which will be at The Caboodle from Wednesday!
The dress is vintage, but yellow is hot right now! 
What a bright online start to the week when it's a rainy start in real life here in KZN!


Estelle said...

Pretty roses! The yellow does brighten up a day.

Anonymous said...

Can one buy a similar crochet pattern? They are so nice, would like to make them for myself.

Punctuation Mark said...

i love yellow... such a happy color!

Denise Kiggan said...

Anon - It is an Irish Crochet Pattern - apparently freely available. I did not make these myself, they were made for Freshly Found. A fairly similar pattern can be found at