Monday, November 14, 2011

Found Bonsai

I gained a spontaneous bonsai collection this weekend. Paging through vintage books, I came across these lovely line drawings.  
Completely inspired by this issue of the latest Elle Decoration Mag, these book page botanicals are adorning the top of my cupboard, in a very maintenance free way.
Adding some colour are bead balls - a gift from a friend [Thanks Kim!]


Heloise said...

A great way to decorate when you're short on colour in your garden - dead stylish.

flowerpress said...

This is great, and I love your version best!

Website Designers York said...

These are beautiful!! I can't wait to order some for our Website Designers York team as great alternative Xmas pressies. Yes guys something a bit different from the usual wine and lunch variety, but something that you will love, that will last,and that you will enjoy ;-)

Carol said...

Absolutely stunning! I'd lost your blog for ages and just found it again this afternoon, and I'm having such a good time reading back through it. I just love the things you make and the way you have turned your eye for style into a business. Greetings from Australia!