Friday, April 13, 2012

Golden Hands Covered

This week I used some old posters to freshen up my much-loved vintage set of Golden Hands Books.  The reference books were faded, and - although I am a lover of orange in small doses, they looked overwhelmingly orange in my bookshelf.  
I used the wrong [white] side of the posters on the outside and made dustcovers for the set of 18.
I just love the 70s drawings that appear all the way through!
Golden Hands 


Estelle said...

I really, really admire your patience in tackling tasks like this. And the way you do things so precisely and neatly. Love the pics!
(The words that "they" put in the verification section are really hard to type. I giggle each time when it takes me forever to post a comment.)

JP.Brouard said...

Ah I miss my Durban creative crew! Will be sure to pop into I Heart when I'm back for a catchup!