Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year

Happy New Year.  
Here at Freshly Found its been a busy one!  Preparations for the Design Indaba are in full swing.  Here are some behind the scene shots:
Tammy Locke has been working hard on some stand decoration options.  I love the way she set out everything out and the end of the day and had to take a pic.  She's been trying potato, polystyrene and sponge printing and some stencilling too.

Christy Kiggan has been doing some work with vegetable dyes. Chopping, juicing, boiling and dipping.  Expressing the true artist within.

These are just some hints of what's to come.  We're very excited!  Hoping to have some good pics ready soon!


Fathima said...

How exciting! Looks interesting and fun :)

Estelle said...

This is very exciting. I love the process you are going through.
When I juice beetroot, I always think that the spilled and splattered colourful juice must surely be useful for something other than staining the counter-top :-)

Jesse said...

Happy New Year! Looks like wonderful things are going to be happening this year!

Lauren Setterberg said...

I used to love making spud stamps as a kid - awesome!