Thursday, August 22, 2013

Botanical Envelope Card

The pleasing grey criss-cross lines on this design come from inside of a security envelope.   
The girls in my family always put a lot of hand-crafted effort into birthday cards and wrappings.  This was the card I made for my daughter's recent birhtday.
I made a copy of a pleasing cross-sitich pattern, and used that to cut a floral pattern from the envelope paper. [Thanks Vodacom!]  The same technique as I used in this pair of cards.  

I edged the cutout with black fine-liner and mounted it onto red paper.  This was then mounted onto some recycled cardboard, covering the print that was there, but leaving a clear border around the edges. 
It turned out to be lovely and long.  Too long for an envelope, so I had to custom make one.
All in all a lot of fum to make.
PS - You may like to see really beautiful handcut cards made by my very talented online friend Lisa
PPS- A whole lot of red again :-)


leeanne said...

I love the inside of envelopes! This is a great idea.

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks Leaanne. I have so enjoyed visitng your blog. Just love what you do with your children I am tempted to try and make my own kaleidoscope!

Anairam said...

I have been keeping security envelopes for a long time with the idea of making a book with them, but I have to say I quite like this idea! Now I must just get myself organised to make cards IN TIME for birthdays ... PS Glad you got your old commenting system back!