Monday, August 19, 2013

My Favourite Colour Must Be...

I just couldn't help myself.  Despite a massive clean-out campaign that's happening at home, when I saw this perfect mini cup and saucer at The Kloof SPCA's Memory Lane, I knew that it would feel right at home with me. And so, since last week, it has taken up residence on my mantle piece.
If you asked me what my favourite colour is, I could not commit myself to one.  I am passionate about orange, love the restful beauty of beige, the crisp freshness of yellow and the exotic allure of jade, the wonder of white, the drama of black ...

I never set out to be a red person, but a lovely lady at a local coffee shop gave me some insight into myself the other day.  I arrived at the counter to pay, wearing a red T-shirt and a red floral scarf.  I was carrying my handbag of the moment, which happens to be red.  I took out my lovely red and white polka dot leather wallet.  When my cellphone notified me that I had made a credit card payment, I took it out to silence it.  She noticed that it had a red cover, and she asked me if I always colour co-ordinated my days.  No I didn't.  I told her I guess my heart was true to red, and we had a good chuckle.
In fact I was still smiling as I got into my red car and drove home.

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