Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Picnic that Never Happened

A while ago we went to an outdoor dinner with a group of friends.  We all brought parts of the meal, and I was responsible for the decor.  I decided to use paper that I had at home to create place mats and candle holders.  I was rather pleased with the outcome.  (*)
But the weather did not play it's part, and the wind howled.  We had to pin everything down while we ate and at least one of us was planted with a flying plateful of a neighbour's liver pate - thanks to a cheeky gust of wind.
So - actually the picnic did happen, but the decor didn't.  It stayed packed safely away from the elements.
I did use the handmade paper decor at a family dinner later, but I didn't get any of the lovely early evening, candle-lit dinner by the seaside pics I was hoping for :-)

Place Mats
I decided to base the place mats on a hexagonal shape.  I was reminded that a hexagon is a polygon with six sides, which  I could create by placing 6 equilateral triangles together.  (You can get an idea of this when you see the folds on the place mats)
I took some leaves from the garden, placed them on my triangle and used them to make a decorative edge.
This is the pattern I created (and which you can copy and print out if you would like to make one too):

I took a square of recycled paper (peel off backing from vinyl stickers), folded it in half, and then into thirds again.  I used the pattern to guide my folds.  I then cut through the six layers of paper, and unfolded it to form the leafy hexagon. 
Place Mat Cutting Diagram
I enlarged the pattern slightly and repeated the process with some thin green paper.  I glued this layer underneath the white layer

Candle Holder

I made the candle holders from the same recycled white paper with sprigs cut out from the green paper.  I used a rectangular piece of paper.  I trimmed the top edge with pinking shears.  A cut Vs into the base, which could be folded up to form the base of the candle holder.  I made a cut on opposite sides close to each end that could be slotted together to form the round holder.   This diagram will give you an idea of how I did it:
Paper Candle Pattern
 Some random interesting hexagonal facts -
  • A beehive is full of hexagonal honeycombs
  • The Allen Key I use on my over locker to change needles has a hexagonal shaped head, and that is why it is also known as a Hex Key
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Jaxhen said...

What a good idea....and so simple to make!

Denise Kiggan said...

Thanks Jacquie! Yes it really can be whipped up in a short while. Then you don't feel bad about throwing it away after the picnic!

Suzica said...

Very nice :)

Heloise said...

What a lovely idea :)