Monday, February 09, 2015

Studio Love

A studio is an artist's or worker's workroom. 
The word studio is derived from the Italian: studio
from Latin: studium, from studere, meaning to study or zeal. Wikipedia

I love my studio space - but I adore it all that much more when it's tidy.  Putting our house on the market has made me have a thorough clean-out and tidy up - and its looking so good. 
Even though work in there carries on, I am trying my best to tidy up and pack away often!
There's a great debate about levels of creativity and tidiness or messiness of work space.  It seems the messier the better for many, and that often applies to my work space too.  So I am enjoying this season of forced tidiness while it lasts ☺


Handmade in Israel said...

Your work space looks wonderful! I especially love the shelves with the origami flowers and "Love" sign.

Nadia Jonker said...

I love a tidy space & it looks so lovely & interesting! x