Thursday, October 01, 2015

Chat Sticks – The Art of Conversation Game

Making and connecting in community.  I love to give something handmade whenever I give a gift.  Just recently I made this game to give to a friend on her wedding day.
These chat sticks are a simple fun project to make together and use.  They are conversation ignitors – to keep on hand for loadshedding, when friends come round, to keep guests at a wedding entertained during a photos session, etc.

A back to basics game using easily found materials.  A great relationship booster and community builder

How to Create Chat Sticks
You will need:
Printed out Chat Strips
Broad wooden sucker sticks or tongue depressors.  Available from a craft shop or Amazon or at DisChem 
Cutting blade,
Large matchbox – for storing the stcks.

1. Mark the middle of the sucker sticks, and cut in half.
2. Print and cut the chat stick strips out. Fold down the middle.
3. Glue the strip onto the stick. The fold line of the strip will be directly over the cut line of the stick.
4. Cut the matchbox cover out. Empty out a matchbox and flatten the middle dividing section. Glue the cover onto the matchbox.
5. Insert the completed Chat Sticks

Pick a Stick and Tell a Story

Dowload the Patterns Here:
Chat Stick Strips
Matchbox Cover

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