Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lavish Lace

Katja's food design reminded me of a pair of my cushions in my lounge.

Yes I've cut up another evening dress! I found one which was slightly damaged. It has now been restyled and is dancing again - on my couch!

I wonder what sort of lace this is? Guipure? Belgian? Maybe a lace expert out there can tell me!

PS - While researching what sort of lace this could be, I came across this Guipure Lace Shoe from Stuart Weitzman!


Estelle said...
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Estelle said...

(Previous comment deleted - typos!)

How many evening dresses do (did?) you own? (-:
Do your kids hide their clothes from you? Does hubby hide his special ties?

I LOVE what you do!

Guess you learnt to sew at school already? I had a most unfortunate time trying to learn to sew at school - I'll tell you about it sometime (-:

Leigh said...

I'm no lace expert, but it's beautiful.