Friday, October 19, 2007

Good Advice!!!

This delightful wire sign was a random un-birthday gift from my eldest daughter a while ago. She bought it from The Space - an innovative Fashion Store - which had it's roots in Durban, but is now country-wide.

The green cushion on my couch is one of my favourites and also has a very good suggestion! No Coffee - No Workee!

Janine of Fourwalls Design found some surprising advice on her travels in the middle of 'nowhere' in Namibia!
'Probeer' means 'Try'! A local farmer's advice to by-passers!!?? Read about it here!


Heloise Bottomley said...

You've got to be a coffee addict to know one. My moto:"Death before dishonour. Nothing before coffee"
Have a good one.

Estelle said...

I just LOVE the relax sign. And it is beautifully positioned!

Freshly Found said...

Heloise, your motto gave me such a good chuckle!

Xander said...

The Space is always such a fun shop to browse. And that sign reminds me almost exactly on one hanging in one of my favorite Cape Town coffeeshops,
Queen of Tarts (photo way at the bottom). Which sort of makes a strange connection between the pillow and the sign, doesn't it? -X

Freshly Found said...

Thanks for that link xander. I will print this list out for my next trip to Cape Town. I have heard of Queen of Tarts, but had not got there yet.

Happy March said...

I love the 'probeer' sign! It's wonderful! I just made that my desktop background.