Monday, October 22, 2007

Coloured Silver

I painted these old candlesticks of mine. They started life out with a silver plating, then, when they started to look tired I spray painted them red!

They remind me in a way of the beautiful work of Christine Misiak. Her work is a lot more permanent and artistic than a layer of paint. She cleans, restores, repairs and where necessary replaces bits of vintage silver and then adds colour.

She is exhibiting in Newcastle on Tyne until the end of October.


Estelle said...

So beautiful!
And I love the red - bold and bright.
Do you ever trash anything, or do you think everything has a "chance"?

Heloise Bottomley said...

Very Funky.

Xander said...

Wow, those candlesticks look awesome! It's amazing what a second life you can give something with a little paint. While crossing the border from Zimbabwe to Zambia, I was approached by a young man selling a stone carved Rhino. I'm not really into the carved stone animals, but something about this creature really attracted me. When I got home, I painted it a milky white- it went from being a tacky souvenir to a hip object for my apartment.

And thanks so much for linking Primitive Culture! I've linked you from my bloglist as well. However, I think that the title for 'Primitive Culture' might be wrong on your blog, and the link appears to be broken... -X

Freshly Found said...

Estelle - Yes I do trash some things - when I just don't have enough storage - but I do like to look at most things and dream about another use for them or a fresh new life!

Xander - I would love to try painting some souvenirs white. I love white. What a great idea!