Friday, November 02, 2007

Lovely Linos

Whenever I read Jezzeblog I feel inspired to DO something! - to knit, crochet, make my own liquid soap or even try drawing a cartoon.
Now I definitely feel inspired to Print! I have so enjoyed Jesse's informative and entertaining tutorial on Fabric Printing with a Lino Block. She has done some lovely stuff.

I have a Vintage book, printed in 1960 called Printing For Everyone by Gertrude Derendinger. The only colour in the whole book is the cover! It is full of patterns... and black and white pictures of the finished product!
I love seeing how the past influences us today - and wondering how today will influence the future!


Estelle said...

It's amazing how the simple designs are so beautiful and attractive.
Jezzeblog and orange - what an attraction for you!

Go on, and DO something new - it will be fun, and of course if you do something new, you are using other pathways in your brain, and hopefully keeping the dreaded Alzheimer's at bay. A cartoon drawn with your left hand, perhaps?

Heloise Bottomley said...

Like coffee your blog is becoming an addiction.Bad news.
Isn't it amazing how much of what we use in pattern is inspired by plant forms. I've been toying with creating some prints for a while and now even more so.Christmas is always a good time to experiment.

Jesse said...

Thank you! I'm pleased you liked it - would love to see what you print.

I'd also love to see more of that book... I wonder what kind of ink she recommended? My mom used to print shirts for us with blockprinting ink, long ago.

Heather Moore said...

Jesse's the best! She's even more inspiring in real life, believe me. She gets more hours in a day than most. dont know how, but she does.