Thursday, December 06, 2007

Les Blogs Des Enchantment!!!

My Mom and Daughter are having so much fun in Paris together. Back home in South Africa I am having fun visiting some French blogs - with a lot of help from Google Translate. I've got to know some talented people:

Lena et Cie did a Tea Time Swap with some other bloggers. According to the translation she "made a cup sleeve" I think that might be what I know as a coaster? Or is it perhaps someting you put your cup into to keep the tea warm? Whatever - It is really cute!

Les Bidoulliges de Toctoc showed these lovely hat pins that she had made.

Atelier De Kitty has published instructions for knitting a Christmas Heart Decoration Que Cache Ma Boite a Belette features a bag for transporting Apple Pie Dessert from Les Beaux Draps by J. Cros. There is an English Translation option on this blog for those of us who need it!
Poppyrose featured a lampshade she made with Liberty cutouts.

How similar all of our cultures are - and yet how very different and inspiring!


Estelle said...

You have been busy!
The hat pins look so edible! But not as edible as the apple pie. Hmmmm.
Glad you are enjoying your virtual tours (-:

Heloise Bottomley said...

Indeed. All over the world we are driven and inspired by similar things but our interpretations are what make the magic.

Séverine-Toctoc said...

Oh i' very proud to see my hat pins on your blog!!
Thank you very much,
You make my day!!!

mikodesign said...

They have some lovely blogs in france this is my favourite